Susan Gossman
Professional Qualifications


Sue Gossman has a B.S. in Computer Science. She has been proprietor of Gossman Consulting and Programmer/Systems Analyst for Michigan State University computer laboratory. She is currently Vice President and Systems Analyst for Gossman Consulting, Inc. and Vice President and Operations Manager for ChemRight Laboratories, Inc.

Specific experience in systems analysis and programming includes-

  • Industry-wide analysis of SARA 313 TRI reporting to assess correctness and industry trends.
  • Transferring and rebuilding client labor and energy use database from ORACLE to MS ACCESS.
  • Transferring PCA Plant Information Summary Database to MS ACCESS.
  • Transferring and rebuilding client regulatory data submittal database from ORACLE into MS ACCESS.
  • Designing and implementing client multi-facility database for dioxin emissions testing results.
  • Designed and implemented life cycle database for cement industry client.
  • Transferred and rebuilt ORACLE facility demographic database into MS ACCESS for cement industry client.
  • Provided design oversight and training for client implementation of a materials composition and vendor database.
  • Upgraded legacy cemetery database to MS ACCESS.
  • Implemented client's industry-wide database design for cement kiln substance release data.
  • Performed analysis utilizing in-house nationwide database for study of metal and particulate emissions for cement kilns using hazardous waste fuel.
  • Designed and implemented internal quality control management.
  • Designed and implementing nation wide BIF (Boiler and Industrial Furnace) test database.
  • Supplied compliance test data analysis support including mass balance analysis, CEM (Continuous Emissions Monitoring) analysis, AWFCO (Automatic Waste Feed Cut-Off) and other limit calculations as well as preparation of POC (Precertification of Compliance) and COC (Certification of Compliance) forms.
  • Designed and implemented internal customized databases.
  • Designed and programmed emission database with custom user interface.
  • Provides software support and maintenance for in-house state of the art network system including the networking of the latest 486 and Pentium based computer technology, high-end laser printing, CD-ROM, and optical character and voice recognition technology.
  • Provides high volume data reduction using OCR and data conversion technologies.
  • Provides feed rate and CEM data reduction for preparing monthly synopses and reports to regulatory agencies for facilities burning hazardous waste as fuel.
  • Provides data and graphics presentation support including slide and photo-ready preparation of materials for seminars, presentations, and publications.
  • Performed spreadsheet analysis of metals emissions from cement kilns and commercial incinerators burning hazardous waste.
  • Calculated and provided BIF compliance assistance for five facilities including precompliance certification calculations and preparation, BIF Trial Burn data compilation and reduction, and supporting data processing for regulatory reporting and compliance.
  • Designed and implemented micro computer system for quality control selection via randomized sampling for acceptance of drum containerized hazardous waste in an MS‑DOS application.
  • Provided user support, systems programming and hardware integration for a prototype Just In Time automobile parts assembly line on IBM PC Network System. Included error correction of existing networked system as well as new system functions. New programming included interface with message sign boards and bar code label printing and reading. Other support entailed hardware maintenance, trouble‑shooting and repair.
  • Provided user support and systems programming using RPG on IBM System 34 for parts inventory processing and accounting for a materials handling retailer.
  • Provided systems analysis and design for a CPM microcomputer and hard disk network system using Turbo PASCAL and assembler programming for a cemetery. System included broad-based data entry and verification of extended data bases. Specialized programming provided rapid file access to large data bases (one data base over 60,000 records) on the primitive technology available in the early 80's.
  • Transferred and translated CPM cemetery programs and data to PC based MS-DOS compatible network. Retained or improved essential form and function of all aspects of system in transfer from CPM to MS-DOS operating system. System support provided through telephone based master-slave linkage of developmental and user site systems.
  • Performed multi-plant systems analysis of hazardous waste fuel receipt and handling for a major waste fuel recycler, encompassing material receipt, regulatory record-keeping, accounting and contractual needs.
  • Designed and implemented multi-plant microcomputer system for receipt of hazardous waste fuel, using Turbo PASCAL, assembler and BASIC programming. System provided real-time receipt, processing, accounting support and invoicing of suppliers as well as early modem transmittal of recorded information to the corporate site.
  • Developed algorithms and other programming for MS-DOS based vertical systems house providing software for auto dealerships. Programming included automation of processing of pre-printed forms on computer printers and various financial and banking calculations.
  • Developed program for determining PCBs in HWF using computerized pattern recognition.
  • Developed systems program for hand built job swapper (late 70's version of RAM) for CDC 6500 mainframe.
  • Provided program implementation and data analysis for independent marketing consultant on CDC mainframe using SPSS, a mainframe statistical software package.
  • Taught seminar-style classes in a university, staff, and business environment, including magnetic tape usage and mainframe system debugging techniques.
  • Provided user support with emphasis on statistical software (SPSS-a major mainframe statistical package and STAT-a statistical package developed and maintained on-site) on CDC 750 and CDC 6500 mainframe computers. Provided software development, installation and maintenance with emphasis on hardware interfaces for CDC 750 and 6500 mainframe computers. Provided generalized debugging of the operating system and high-level programs such as compilers and editors. Modified system booting algorithms to utilize 9 track instead of 7 track tapes. Maintained hard disk systems in an environment which required manual recording of hard disk flaws. Taught systems class to potential new employees.
  • Contributed to user and technical reference manuals for CDC mainframe computer environment for a broad spectrum of system usages with emphasis on magnetic tape technology.
  • Taught lab for graduate level computer science hardware class while still an undergraduate. Co-authored Commercial BIF Compliance Test Results‑1992. Copyright 1993.
  • Co-authored Metal Equilibration and Process Capture Efficiencies in Cement Kilns.