Louise Denlinger
Professional Qualifications


Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with a Hazardous Waste minor through Wayne State University, Louise Denlinger already has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Almeda College and the education and background in regulatory compliance to be a valuable asset in any chemical forensic analysis. Her previous work as owner and environmental project manager with a business involved in removal of underground storage tanks provided her with hands-on experience in state and federal environmental regulation. Her current experience includes source and cause determination and forensic analysis, industrial and environmental chemical forensic analysis, safety and prevention analysis of industrial sites, and regulatory compliance.

Certifications achieved through FEMA Emergency Management Institute:

  • IS-00454 - Fundamentals of Risk Management
  • IS-00700.a - National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • IS-0005.a - Introduction to Hazardous Materials
  • IS-0035.19 - FEMA Safety Orientation 2019
  • IS-00393.b - Introduction to Hazardous Mitigation
  • ICS 100 - Introduction to Incident Command System
  • IS-00010.a - Animals in Disaster: Awareness and Preparation

Certifications achieved through the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Wastewater Management, NPDES Permit Writers’ Online Training Presentation

  • Overview of the Clean Water Act and the NPDES Program
  • Scope and Regulatory Framework of the NPDES Program
  • NPDED Permit Application Process
  • Technology-based Effluent Limitations for POTWs
  • Technology-based Effluent Limitations for non-POTWs
  • WQBELs Part I: Identifying Applicable Water Quality Standards
  • WQBELs Part II: Characterizing the Effluent and Receiving Water
  • WQBELs Part III: Determining the Need for Chemical-specific WQBELs
  • WQBELs Part IV: Calculating Chemical-specific WQBELs
  • Monitoring and Reporting Requirements in NPDES Permits
  • Special or Narrative Conditions in NPDES Program
  • Standard Conditions of NPDES Program
  • Administrative Process for the NPDES Program

Certifications achieved through OSHAcademy

  • Lead Safety in Construction
  • Introduction to Safety Training
  • Introduction to Safety Leadership
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Hazard Communication-Basic

Certifications achieved through the National CPR Foundation - CPR/AED/First-Aid

Specific experience in includes-

  • Spectrophotography, carbon-sulfur and gas chromatography analysis, and SPC
  • State DNR regulation and OSHA laws and procedures
  • Ensured on-site compliance with state DNR regulations
  • Customer account and relationship management
  • Created and implemented a Statistical Process Control program which earned Ford's Q1 rating
  • Interpretation and application of state and federal environmental, health and safety regulations
  • Laboratory data interpretation
  • Report preparation

Here is a complete list of Louise Denlinger's academic course work.

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