James C. Parmater
Professional Qualifications


James Parmater has earned a Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University, with major areas of concentration in Genetics, Chemical Engineering, and Psychology, as well as pursuing graduate studies in Biological Science at the University of Iowa.  He also earned a Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego School of Law. Having founded and managed his own law practice, he brings the legal as well as the scientific and business experience to effectively manage your case.

Specific experience in includes-

  • Established a successful solo legal practice-
    •  Performed legal research and drafted legal documents, filings, and motions.
    • Interviewed, counseled, and successfully represented clients in court regarding various civil matters.
    •  Wrote laws and articles of incorporation for non-profit corporations.
  • As an administrative assistant and account executive-
    • Managed correspondence and coordination between corporate managers and account executives.
    • Performed sales and account management functions for a large international trade and shipping corporation.
    • Managed client accounts and developed sales and marketing tools.
    • Developed an account database for internal use by account executives.

Here is a complete list of James Parmater's academic coursework.